Originally published June 12, 2008

Thats the theme for the day. Inhale....Its finally Thursday and because I tee off at 2:42 pm, I've got all sorts of time to kill until then. After a very very light breakfast, Diana and I walked around the hotel for a bit, checked out the pool, and basically tried not to think about anything golf related...Exhale. Inhale...I have been watching a little bit of the coverage on ESPN this morning, mostly to see where the hole locations are and I cannot wait to get out there and compete, finally...Exhale. 

Inhale...hopefully I'll have time to update tonight, but because I go PM Thursday, AM Friday, it's a quick turn around. Thanks again to everyone for their messages and texts, I apologize I cannot get back to everyone right away, but I will. Off to the course for a little lunch then into the usual pre-round routine...Exhale.