Through the use of innovative technology and personal competitive experience, Garrett strives to bring you to your full potential as a golfer



Garrett has been teaching since 2009, working with individuals at all ability levels.  He has taught at several top public and private clubs in the Chicago area, and currently serves as the Director of Instruction at Skokie Country Club in Glencoe, IL.  Prior to teaching, Garrett played golf at the University of Illinois, competed on the PGA Tour of Canada, and played in USGA events including the 2004 US Amateur and the 2008 US Open Championships.

Junior Golf

Garrett is currently developing the Skokie Country Club Junior Golf Academy with a focus on long term athletic development to reach golfers at a young age and grow with the sport.  The Junior Golf Academy includes Spark Golf for young children, Discover Golf for core family golf development, and a Commitment to Potential program for focused golf athletes and competitive junior players hoping to compete at the high school and college level. 


Garrett understands the importance of using technology to enhance a golfer's performance.  Through the use of Trackman, SAM Putt Lab, Swing Catalyst, 4D Motion, and Opti International Performance technologies, Garrett is able to work with golfers during all seasons, both indoors and outside.  


Discover Golf Putting Boot Camp

I am excited to announce the launch of my skill development mobile app through Discover Golf’s gaming platform. The purpose of this app is to make learning and practicing a game within a game. It also answers the very common question, “What should I practice?” and “How much should I practice?”.

This first putting Boot Camp is a 3-level structured progression through drills and games that are specifically designed for our indoor space at Skokie Country Club or are simple enough to do at home. Players receive points for reaching pre-set goals, improving their skills, and logging practice time.  Each additional level increases in difficulty. The points are also tracked on a daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboard. There is an additional cost to subscribe ($19.95/mo), and you can unsubscribe at any time. I feel this is a great addition to our consistent lessons and is great additional motivator to practice and track improvement of putting skills. 

Below is the link to Discover Golf and signup.  Payment is through PayPal.