Tiger, What's the Rush??

Originally published June 9, 2008

Ok, I'm sorry, a blog is suppose to be updated more often than every other day. But I have a couple good tidbits for you all. Yesterday was junior day at the open, and subsequently there were hundreds of kids running everywhere. Yesterday was also the day my parents arrived. They met me on the putting green, well next to it anyway, to gather their passes for the week. Not three minutes later, you could hear something, a small commotion slowly building. Well I was curious, so I looked up and saw about 150 children rushing to one side of the putting green, why. Then I turned around, and who is making a b-line for the parking lot, followed by three police officers (and four others holding back the crowd), but Tiger Woods (he didn't look like he was limping). Welcome to the Open mom and dad.

Today, was a good day. There were a lot of people at the course, considering it is only Monday. After a trip into the Cleveland Tour Trailer to tinker with some clubs (thanks to Rob and all involved), I headed to the range and practiced in front of 100 people for the first time ever. As a few know already, I had the fortune of playing a practice round with Jim Furyk (its a longer story about how it happened, but our third (Joe Ogilvie) who I was suppose to play with, played earlier, leaving the Jim and I as just a twosome). He was very courteous and we chatted a little bit here and there. "Fluff", Mike Cowan, is still Jim's caddie and also one of Tony's (T-bone from now on) idols. On the 12th fairway, Fluff made Tony's week by bumming a cigarette off of him. Anyway, it was great opportunity and great practice for what the distractions of playing on Thursday may be like, there was a good crowd following us around. Therefore, thanks to Jim for being such a good guy. Time for bed...