Round 2 Recap

Originally published June 13, 2008

The alarm rang at 6:15 am, and although still a little tired, I was still excited to get to the course and try it again. I knew that if I could muster some good shots I could put up a good score. But today wasn't my day on the course. hopefully I can avoid the nickname "bogey", because I made enough of them this week. I struggled with a little bit of everything, driver, approach shots, and the speed of the greens (some seemed fast others seemed slower), but I have learned a lot this week and will take mostly positive things from this experience. 80-82, not what I had expected, but Tony and I had fun, most of the time. The course is too tough to get away with as many bad shots as I hit. I had a first today, I hit my first spectator, thankfully she was ok, I got her on one bounce on the knee (I did sign a glove for her). However, it was a good break (from a golf perspective, I'm sure she felt the same way too), I had a good lie, a clear shot and ultimately made par. Although, I missed the cut, I will try and come up with something blog worthy tomorrow (apparently there are people reading, and expectations are getting higher).

On another note, Scott Campbell wrote a great article about Tony that appeared in the San Mateo Times today, the URL is below. Please check it out, it is a great story and something that will definitely keep everything in perspective.