Top Ten Things I Learned at the US Open

Originally published June 13, 2008

Last night at dinner, Tony's mom Pia, asked me "what was your favorite moment?" And I couldn't pick just one, the week is still too fresh in my mind (sad to think that it may not always be), the entire experience is lumped into one favorite moment. 

My Top Ten list (In no particular order (except 1 & 2))

10- I am not Mike Weir (I think I'm beating a dead horse with this one)
9 - A Lexus LS 460, would be nice to drive all the time (future sponsorship, hmmm)
8 - Spectators at the Open never stand still. (You had to be there)
7 - Signing autographs is pretty fun, (but signing balls and hats are a pain)
6 - Even walking through the rough at the US Open is tough (its like walking through sand)
5 - Sometimes bigger misses are better. (especially, when there are people to stop the ball from moving farther off line)
4 - When Tony says, "I love that play," reconsider (see #13 round 1, & #14 round 2)
3 - After a week in the Player Hospitality tent, Diana is contemplating a change in hair color (I'm not going any farther on this subject)
2 - Golf is not as important as life (perspective, always a good thing)
1 - I've got a ton of great people supporting me, I cannot thank you all enough

This has been an incredible experience, thank you all for reading, its been fun, and maybe I'll continue with tidbits about golf in the future, input welcome. Goodbye for now...